Chapter 6 part 5

Helen was in a trance-like state. Ray was in the same state. He knew that Helen should kill him, but he didn’t have a feeling of fear. Instead, he had an unbearable longing for Helen, the same as always. Helen was calculating, wondering how she would do it. In what way could she eliminate Ray without missing him? She continued to move closer to him as he was still frozen to the back wall of the space. She had finally reached him, and as she stood in front of him with her body barely touching him she moved her mouth closer to his, then without any hesitation she began to kiss him passionately. Ray’s kiss back was equally as intense. The energy force around them was so static that both of them felt as though their bodies would explode.

Helen drew back and gasped “now you can’t pull back.”

Ray’s eyes were hungry as he responded “now I don’t need to.”

Helen gave a semi-smile with deepened, colder eyes “you know it’s him you should thank for your powers.” Ray looked at her bewildered, as she kicked back her head towards Mandrake. “It was he who started it all, and I’m just wondering what to do with him.”

Mandrake stared coldly at Helen. As Helen turned around to see him, he pulled a face of disgust.

Ray stayed silent as Helen resumed, “it was this man… oh no, I shouldn’t say man, at least, not anymore. It was this being who didn’t want me dead. He wanted me to live forever. Or, should I say, to remember my lives forever… So that I would never forget him. The problem was, and always has been that I have never been his.” Helen smirked as Mandrake huffed in disgust.

Suddenly Mandrake began to speak, “Ah, but you are mine. I have made you, and I can break you just as easily.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

With this Mandrake stepped easily away from the wall. “I don’t have to.”

In shock, Helen’s concentration let go of Ray who clumsily fell to the floor. With no hesitation Helen moved with all her force to push Mandrake to the floor. At the same time all the exits to the building flung open, and in a kick back reaction Helen’s force managed to shove Ray out of the space. A hollow whispered voice could be heard in the wind of the force telling Ray to “run.”


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