Chapter 5 part 8

“Would you like a cup of coffee Helen?” Lt Hill asked sympathetically.

Helen answered by shaking her head as she sat, silently shivering in her seat, clinging to the new, dry grey blanket the police had given her to get warm.

“Is there anything we can get you?” after several seconds Lt Hill was still faced with silence. He looked carefully at the withered, de-spirited woman who sat before him and wondered what the hell anyone could have done to her to have had this kind of outcome. Additionally, he was both frustrated and angry at his supposedly dear friend John and wondered why he didn’t see this. “Listen Helen, I can only imagine what happened to you, and why you pretended to be as well as you did. While you’re calming down I’ll go and make a phone call to Michael, he’s been worried about you.”

“Oh, if you do speak to him…” Helen seemed to have finally found her words, “please tell him I’m sorry. I was scared and thought he was someone else.”

Lt Hill stopped walking towards the next room, and changed direction to move back towards the desk, “You mean you saw, or spoke to him?”

“Yes,” answered Helen meekly “I bumped into him at the house and attacked him in self-defence, not knowing it was him until it was too late.”

“So, he was at the house?” Lt Hill sat down in his chair, staring at Helen the entire time “So where was he when we found you at the house? Why were you alone?”

“I don’t know” Helen answered. “Everything happened so quickly. I literally bumped into him in a tunnel as I was trying to escape. I didn’t know it was him and I didn’t have any weapons, so I leaped onto him, grabbing his neck in order to stun him. By the time I realised who it was, he had already loosened himself from my grip and run away… I guess he didn’t know it was me. I hope he’s OK.”

“Do you think he might still be at the house?”

“Maybe, maybe not, I have no idea, all I can say is that I didn’t see him after that. So if you manage to get a hold of him, please tell him that I’m sorry. I had no idea it was him.”

“OK.” Lt Hill answered, thinking the whole ordeal seemed too strange, particularly considering the lengths Michael had gone to in order to find her. He did not say anything more before standing up and moving away from the table. As he was moving to the adjoining room to make the phone call, he stuck his head out through the office door and said to a passing officer “Can you keep an eye on her for a moment?” The officer nodded and entered the office, standing silently as he watched Helen sitting quietly at the desk.


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