Hi There!

I’m a Cognitive Science PhD candidate and researcher in human-computer, -technology, and -design interaction. I began my career as a printmaking, drawing and performance artist and quite soon made the shift into research, investigating what people like (and don’t like).

Up to now I’ve conducted studies which examine people’s experiences with glassware, mobile phone icons, handheld moisture meters, fry pans, elevators and home decor. But my interests are not limited to this. On the contrary, through studying how people experience such a variety of designs I have come up with a methodological framework to analyse how people represent these experiences. This framework can be applied to other fun stuff such as augmented reality, human robot interaction, wearable computing, movie experiences… you name it!

I look forward to posting more here in time to come. I also look forward to hearing from some of you who share similar interests and experience.

Until then, have fun and all the best,