My Art

I’ve been existing as a visual artist since 1998 when I first started exhibiting paintings and oil pastel drawings. You might say I was a bit of a life-style hippy wanting to comment on anything and everything with the help of a paint brush. I attended art school at Edith Cowan University from 2001-2004 and graduated with first class honours in printmaking (printmedia) and drawing. At that time I focused on producing and exhibiting digital prints, mixed-media photography and progressive drawings. Consistently, a main element of my pieces has been written or spoken language. Writing often features in my printed and draw works – whether it is noticed or not. And as one kind artist noted, the major element of my pieces is me. When discussing my pieces I tended to interact with the works and their subject matter.

This is why it seemed natural that my art practice moved in to performance. I only have the ability to make the materials say ‘so much’,  but performance makes me forget the excuses and just move into the communication, entertainment and subversification (if you can say that). I see life as one big performance. I began a project called the Researcher in 2004, it grew into a 27 hour powerpoint presentation called The Longest Lecture Marathon (2007-2010) and lead me to work, as… guess what… a researcher. Life as an artist is life as a researcher, and life as a researcher is life as an artist. It confusing but wonder, not knowing where art stops and academia begins, and the other way around.